This season on The Voicethe judges — most recently, Christina Aguilera — aren't content to watch the competition from the sidelines.

In a memorable blind audition from last night's (March 8) episode, contestant Joe Maye — who'd tried out once before — came back swinging with a commanding performance of "I Put A Spell On You." Almost immediately, Aguilera placed her bid on the singer and swung her chair around, but Blake Shelton followed closely behind. So, to stack the odds in her favor, Aguilera accepted a challenge posed by Pharrell Williams to join Maye on stage, and proceeded to lead a duet that would have left Screamin' Jay Hawkins like: woahhh.

Above, Christina assumes her trademark game face in preparation for the impromptu set, jams her eyelids shut and wails like a truck rushing toward a four-alarm fire. Then, as if nothing had happened, or as if she and Maye hadn't left the stage in ruins, she jollily skips off stage.

"That was fun!" she observes.

And ultimately, Maye agreed — though Shelton made a convincing argument for his skill as a mentor, the 20-year contestant sided with X-tina.

The on-the-spot contestant-judge duet wasn't Season 10's first. In February, Adam Levine joined Maroon 5 superfan Mike Schiavo on-stage during the blind auditions for an unplanned rendition of "She Will Be Loved."

Watch the clips above, and see how Maye performs for Team Christina Mondays and Tuesday at 8 PM EST on NBC.

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