Did you know, the browser you choose will actually impact your experience with the internet?

Fox News examined the most commonly used browsers to narrow down which one's are best. You can click on their article for further details, but here are the cliff notes I found.

Google Chrome is the browser I use, and most people I know use. It is considered a “safe, speedy browser”.

The biggest downside of Chrome? It’s a resource hog and can slow down your computer if you have too many tabs open. Also, if you’re uncomfortable with your browser knowing your searching and spending behaviors Chrome might not be the best choice for you.

Next up is Mozilla Firefox, which is considered the safest browser. It also uses up fewer resources than Chrome and can load certain websites more quickly.

Tor is the next browser, and it gets an honorable mention because it’s considered a great anonymous browser—to the point that people living under repressive governments have used it to break through censorship. However, it causes some web pages and file types to not load properly.

Now Safari and Edge are bundled together because they're both similar in the sense that they come pre-programmed on most computers.

Safari is used on Apple products, while Edge is for Microsoft.

The downside is, neither one has the security of Chrome or Firefox.

But the positive, it does not use nearly as much space.

Chrome will take up to 50% of a computers usage, while Safari uses 5-10% and Edge only using a maximum of 5%.

The experts say that to determine which browser is right for you you’ll have to consider how much you use the internet and how much you value privacy.

Chrome is the best “well-rounded” browser.

Firefox is your best bet for safety and privacy concerns.

If you want to stay anonymous online you’ll want to opt for Tor.

Or you can use the default browser that comes on your computer if you’re not looking for extras or endless extensions.

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