Today is your birthday, you truly are the greatest guy I know and my biggest role model.

You have Loved the same woman for over 40 years, raised two kids who really didn't appreciate the man you are until we were adults.

Now both of your kids adults that still know to turn to you when we need help.

You adopted me when I was a baby but love me just the same. I am proud to be your son. Thank you for coming to every game, practice, and tournament you could. And thank you for cheering even when I was bad.

You supported me when I left other sports to pursue ones I wanted to. You paid for every golf lesson, and drove me to many bowling tournaments all over California.

You supported me when I said I wanted to drop out of college to get a job. And were first person I called when I got interested in radio.

When I told you I wanted to go back to school to pursue radio as a career, you showed nothing but support.

You cheered when I announced I got my first job, and helped me move 4 states away. You were the first person I called to tell that I'd been laid off from that job and drove to help me move back no questions asked.

You watched as I got a new job offer, this time in Maine, 3200 miles away, I saw that it made you sad, but I could tell you were proud.

Again you helped me move out there and didn't complain once.

You have seen me at my highest, and my lowest, and brought me out of some dark places.

I could've been adopted by anyone, but I am so glad it was you.

Happy Birthday dad, I love you.

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