We are surrounded by so much sadness and uncertainty in todays times, we felt like it was time to look for the good in the world because I like to believe there is far more good than evil and we don't get the chance to hear about it.

Today's Reason to Smile is a story we have heard before, but it is always a great thing to read.

The town of Pratt Kansas is in a bit of shock this week after it was revealed anonymous donors came forth and paid off over 400 patients medical bills.

In all $95,000 went to cover patients bills of $300 or less.

All the patients had attended Pratt Medical Center and had gotten the notice in the mail notifying them that their bills have been paid off.

One of the patients with their medical bills paid off was actually the mail carrier delivering the letters.

“I just kept seeing this red thing on the top of the letter saying this is not a bill, open immediately for records, and I just thought man I hope these people read this,”

Britt Oller, mail carrier in Pratt said after delivering many letters.

THESE are the stories we should be sharing with everyone. The stories that give us hope, give us butterflies in our stomach.

Good people doing good things for people who need it.

If you know of any stories you think are great reasons to smile, we would LOVE to hear them.

Just email our Director of Content, Quinn at Quinn.Alexander@townsquaremedia.com.

We wish all of you a safe and healthy 2021 and we pray it gives you many reasons to smile.

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