We are surrounded by so much sadness and uncertainty in todays times, we felt like it was time to look for the good in the world because I like to believe there is far more good than evil and we don't get the chance to hear about it.

Today's Reason to Smile takes us to Charlelston, and a high school principal that is literally going above and beyond for his students.

Three nights a week, North Charleston High School Principal Henry Darby and longtime City Councilman heads to his third job at the local Walmart Supercenter to stock shelves.

He gets off work with just enough time to make it back to the school's campus before the morning bell.

Now, you may be thinking "wow, a principal can't even make enough to support his family during COVID" but that's not why he does this.

Every single one of his earnings goes toward helping low-income students and their families. Nearly 90 percent of North Charleston High students last school year lived in poverty.

Part of the reason Darby gives back to his community is because of the people who helped him throughout his life growing up. After his parents died, church members and other family members stepped up.

After the greater Charleston community heard of his commendable act, they created a GoFundMe to repay him not only for his gesture but also for being an amazing principal.

In just three days, $43,000 has been raised by more than 700 donors. All the money is going to support local families, exactly like Darby wants.

In my opinion, if we all were like Principal Darby, we would be much better off.

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