Adam Levine is pretty much one good-lookin' hunk of man, but still, there are plenty of things that aren't sexy about the Maroon 5 frontman and 'The Voice' judge -- well, at least according to him.

"You can not say to someone 'Say what is sexy about you,'" Levine joked in a new interview with USA Today. "That is against the law." He may not have been game to answer that question, but he was sure chock-full of answers when he explained the least sexy things about himself.

"I don't really have a filter, so I say a lot of things that are gross," he revealed. " … You might think that I'm a very vain person, and I am, kind of, but then I go through many, many patches when I don't care about how I look at all."

Levine also explained that his upcoming movie role in the Keira Knightley film 'Begin Again' was to try his hand at an actor -- an ambition purely out of passion, not the money.

"I did this movie for no money. I'm very lucky that I'm in that position," he explained. "I want to have good experiences. I don't want to do a bunch of s--- that I hate. I want to treat [acting] completely differently because I have the very fortunate luxury of not having to think of this in terms of money."

He might not be doing it for the money, but still, there are definitely perks to being famous.

"You can get a restaurant in any town at any time. That is the greatest thing about being famous, because I love to eat," he said. "And I love to eat at many different restaurants. Anyone who doesn't tell you that's the best part about being famous is crazy."

Watch Adam Levine dish in the video above!

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