As Aerosmith prepare to spend the next four months on tour, guitarist Joe Perry says he is unsure as to whether or not the group will record another full-length record.

"Our contract to Sony is fulfilled and we're free agents right now," Perry tells Rolling Stone. "We're trying to figure out what that means. I don't even know if making new albums makes sense anymore. Maybe we'll just release an EP every six months. I don't know what the future looks like."

Despite having made a Top 5 debut, Perry admits that their last full-length effort, 2012's 'Music From Another Dimension!,' didn't quite live up to anyone's sales expectations.

"I'm obviously disappointed it didn't work out the way it was supposed to," says Perry, who then shares that record label shake-ups and other factors beyond their control certainly didn't help matters at all.

"It was just one of those situations. [Former Columbia Records chairman] Steve Barnett was the head of the company at the time. He was our biggest champion and he left the label three weeks before the album came out. At the same time, we tied our single ['Legendary Child'] to the G.I. Joe movie. Part of the plan was also to play the song on 'American Idol.' We were driving down there when we found out they were delaying the movie for six months because they want to re-film it in 3D."

None the less, Perry hasn't soured on the experience of making records. In fact, he says that he is proud of the record that the band delivered with 'Music From Another Dimension'

"It felt like a record in the old tradition to me," Perry says. "Everybody had a song on there. Brad [Whitford] wrote songs with Steven Tyler. Tom [Hamilton] wrote some himself. We had done it every other way, so we decided to go back to the old way. [Producer] Jack [Douglas] was there helping us. It worked out so well. The record was…is a great record."

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