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Unofficial Celine Dion Biopic Looks... Interesting

Biopics generally keep the names of the individuals they are portraying. However, Aline is set to highlight the music and life of Celine Dion... just not her actual name. The unofficial film, which is part of the Cannes Film Festival's out-of-competition lineup, is about a singer named "Aline Dieu," who falls in love with her manager who is 28 years older than her. Check out the questionable trailer, below.

Billie Eilish, H.E.R and Kid Cudi To Be Featured in Amazon Prime Special 

As Amazon Prime Day (June 21-22) approaches, Amazon Prime Video has announced a limited three-part musical special to celebrate. Billie Eilish, H.E.R and Kid Cudi are set to appear in the special on June 17. A press release states that the goal is to "immerse customers in a unique experience that fuses performance and storytelling." (via NME)

Pet Names, Making Baby Voices Some of the Most Annoying Forms of PDA

Due to the pandemic, many forms of PDA completely dropped. And according to a new survey ranking the most uncomfortable types of PDA, 63 of participants revealed they are easily embarrassed by excessive PDA. The top three uncomfortable forms of PDA? Kissing a partner in the park, talking in a baby voice to your significant other and putting a hand over the shoulder of your partner. (via SWNS)

App Will Pay Fines for Tennis Players Who Skip Grand Slam Press Appearances

Following Naomi Osaka's exit from the French Open, which kick-started a larger conversation about how the press affects the mental health of athletes, a meditation app named Calm has taken a stand to help other tennis players who choose to skip their press conferences. The company stated that it would pay any fine for any tennis player who skips a press conferences due to mental health reasons. Meanwhile, the U.S. Open, Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon stated they will work to address players' mental health. (via Business Insider)

Drake Bell Pleads Not Guilty to Attempted Endangerment of Children

In Ohio, Drake Bell was charged with attempted endangerment of children. He is also facing charges for disseminating matter harmful to juveniles. After pleading not guilty, Bell posted the $2,500 bond and was ordered not to contact the alleged victim. (via TMZ)

Muscular Kangaroo Inspires People to Work Out

Jay Brewer, owner of Instagram account @jayprehistoricpets, posted a video of a "jacked" kangaroo that garnered over 360,000 likes. Many comments stated how the kangaroo made them want to improve their own workout routines. (via People)

Zayn Caught Up in Shirtless Fight in New York City 

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik was captured on video in a verbal fight with another man leaving the Little Sister Lounge in New York City. Sources claim that Malik was smoking a cigarette when the man tried to provoke an altercation. The man reportedly hurled multiple curse words as well as a homophobic slurs at Malik, but apparently nothing got physical. (via Page Six)

A Chicken Nugget Sold on eBay for $100,000

Would you buy a chicken nugget on eBay? Well, someone did... for $100,000. And all because it looked like a character from the game Among Us! The nugget was originally listed for $0.99 before blowing up due to the uncanny resemblance. (via New York Post)

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