It's time now for a second round of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

We pick up right where we first left off, with yoga Barbie — err, Shelby — running through the possessed woods, only to find a dirty, colonial version of Kathy Bates leading some form of demonic kumbaya that involves a lovely pig’s head on top of a man’s body.

It doesn’t take for Shelby to realize she needs to get the heck out of these woods before she becomes the next pig in this pig roast, but not before Lady Gaga appears as some woodland gremlin creature. But hey, that girl is a monster. Kathy Bates and her bloody hatchet of doom sees Shelby skulking in the shadows and sends Gaga Gollum and the rest of this motley crew after her, but Shelby escapes by Lee — only to faint seconds later.

Afterwards, Lee’s daughter Flora comes to stay with them as a result of a custody agreement. It doesn’t take long for Flora to get messed up in this demonic game of cat and mouse: Lee soon finds her daughter talking to what would seem to be an “imaginary” friend by the name of Priscilla, and since Priscilla's a sweet little ghost child, she kindly begs Flora and her family to help her “stop all the blood” — as if she that’s comforting.

Later that night, after finding a child’s bonnet (presumed to be Priscilla’s), Shelby begins to hear noises again and runs outside to confront them, bat and doofy husband in tow. As they run into the woods in a hectic search for anything to confirm their hysterics, they find the remains of the human sacrifice, with a pig's head burning atop a giant wooden totem. Now, with manifested proof in front of them, the cops finally believe Matt and Shelby and assign police detail.

Matt wakes up again from his sleep to a phone ringing, where, on the other end, it sounds as if a woman is in pain and asking someone for this pain to stop. Matt realizes that the phone is possessed, as it is not plugged in, and as he turns his head, he's confronted by two nurses and an elderly woman in bed, all of whom were not there seconds prior. The voice on the phone belonged to the old lady, who is bemoaning taking her medication. These demonic ghost nurses do not like her back talk and decide to bust a cap right into Granny’s skull.

After Granny dies, one of the nurses takes a spray can and spray paints a red letter ‘M’ on the wall. Matt runs outside to get the oh-so-astute police detail, only for the police to enter the house and find no sign of the nurses. Now, the police have begun to think that the couple's crying wolf all over again.

The next day, Flora’s father Mason comes to pick up his daughter, only to find she is playing a game of hide and seek. Lee and Mason find Flora conversing with Priscilla yet again in the confines of a creepy crawlspace, where Flora was just about to bargain with her doll so that the doll doesn’t kill her and her family. Solid adolescent friendship.

Since Mason is the only one of sane mind, he decides to take his daughter away from this crazy, demented house, which proves to be a trigger. Lee soon falls off the wagon. Matt finds Lee drunk on the floor, and kindly escorts her to bed as a brother does,. But as soon as Matt leaves, the creepy nurses are back and looming over Lee. Lost in the sauce, Lee wakes to see a glimpse of the nurses, but also more horrifying images, which include the pig man and pig tails, nailed and moving on the wall.

Meanwhile, Matt and Shelby see a little girl off in the distance and follow this welcoming sight to a cellar door, where they find a shelter for a man who used to live there by the name of Elias Cunningham. They find a video tape of Elias confessing that he too lived in the house for a brief time in 1997, which was plagued by all the same demonic happenings occurring now.

Elias originally came to the house to research the murder spree of Miranda and Bridgette, two ginger nurses who killed elderly patients for their own amusement. Turns out these twins, and the twins that both Matt and Lee saw, are one in the same. They opened an assisted living facility in the house and chose their patients — or I guess victims — by the letter of their first name. So, in some twisted fashion akin to the game of HORSE, the grown-up versions of the twins from The Shining chose their victims so that their initials spelled out "MURDER."

This spelling of murder is the same art project Matt saw earlier with the spray painted ‘M’, so he goes back to that room, removes the wallpaper and lo and behold, finds the word ‘MURDE’ still glowing in its' crimson glory. Elias believes, however, that the twins never left the house and were taken by the mysterious forces that surround it, seeing as how they never killed their last victim.

Among all this, Lee comes back with a now-abducted Flora and acts like she did not just commit a felony by breaking the custody arrangement. While Lee already would have never won any sort of ‘Mother of the Year’ award, things get worse when Flora disappears. As Matt, Shelby, and Lee all look for her inside the house, their search eventually leads to the woods, where, at the top of an obscenely tall tree, Flora’s bright yellow sweatshirt hangs, as if signaling the fact the war has officially begun.

A preview of next week's episode: