Last week, Lil Xan's fiancee, Annie Smith, shared ultrasound pictures in a vlog on her YouTube channel, announcing she was nine weeks along. The reveal caused some internet sleuths to realize the photos looked awfully similar to those that pop up when you Google search "week 9 ultrasound," thus leaving skeptics to believe she and her rapper beau faked the photos, and may even be lying about the pregnancy.

On Tuesday (February 26), the mom-to-be denied the rumors while chatting with E! News, and on Wednesday night (February 27) took to Instagram stories to set the record straight with her followers.

"The fact that it's basically being ruined or tarnished by the Internet is heartbreaking to me and it's really, really hard for me to deal with," Smith shared. "I'm already very hormonal and sensitive and it's just a really hard thing to talk about but I just feel like you deserve to hear from me what's going on because it's clearly been twisted around."

She went on to explain how she didn't want to share the news until the standard 12 weeks, but her husband-to-be was so excited he couldn't keep the secret.

"It's just really personal and I was just so excited when I first found out and of course I'm still so excited but I just really want to keep it private between [Lil Xan] and I god forbid something happened," she explained. "My worst nightmare is having a miscarriage."

"I'm adopted because my mom who adopted me couldn't have children so I know a lot about things like that," she continued. "I've had a lot of family members that had miscarriages or things."When the couple announced they were expecting, it was just five months after Xan's messy break up with Noah Cyrus. Those close to the singer say she is completely unfazed by the news and totally over her ex.

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