Attention San Angelo seniors, the application is now available for the Ride for Change Minority Scholarship

There is a massive difference in financial assistance, between minorities and non-minorities. So this scholarship is to give them another chance.

After the inaugural ride was such a success, we are continuing it in 2021 with a new scholarship in the amount of $500.

So if you are at the end of your high school career and are heading to, college, community college, or trade school. This is for you.

To be eligible to apply for The Ride for Change College Scholarship, an applicant must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a minority.
  • Be enrolled in a high school for the current year.
  • Be a current year graduating Senior.
  • Have at least 30 hours of community service.
  • Have a minimum of at least an eighty (80) GPA for the first three and one-half (3.5) years of high school.
  • Recipients must enroll in a college, university or technical school the fall semester following their graduation from high school.

While grades do play a part, community involvement is a major component for receiving this scholarship. So, simply download the application.

The deadline to send in your application is March 31st, 2021.

The 2nd annual Ride for Change takes place in May this year, visiting cities all across Texas. The details on the ride for change including cities that will be visited and dates they'll be passing through, will be announced soon.

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