Ariana Grande caused a stir online after posting a curious new selfie on Twitter Thursday afternoon (November 15).

While gorgeous selfies and cute filters are nothing new for the pop star, fans immediately noticed something else about the post. "omg ur hair," one fan replied. It appears Ariana, famous for her long, high ponytail, may have given her long locks the big chop.

Ari's hair looks just a bit longer than shoulder length in the selfie, but she has yet to respond to fan comments or say anything else about it. There's always the possibility that this could be Grande's actual, real-hair length and we're just used to seeing her with lots of hair extensions or clip-ins, etc.

Check out some of our favorite fan reactions to the possible haircut, and let us know what you think. Did Ariana cut her hair or are we being duped?

Ariana Grande Can't Stop Squinting

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