Riding the high of releasing her sophomore LP Party's Over back in May, Norwegian pop star and recent breakthrough Astrid S has dropped the second visual off the album. "Such A Boy," an impatient and frustrated followup to the hugely popular "Breathe."

"Such A Boy" takes the pervasive 2017 trend of purple neon lighting and obscured, '80's-esque visuals and the done-with-men attitude of Katy Perry's hit "Hot N Cold" to give you the best of both. Astrid dances around with a blandly attractive boy while shooting exasperated looks at the camera, not singing the lyrics but communicating them clear as day with her facial expressions. Piercing eyes stare at us as we hear "You say you need more me / What am I a toy again?" As she strokes underwater towards the object of her affection and frustratoin, she croons "Breathe in, breathe out / We're chilling, so chill out."

He's hot, he's cold, she's so done with it. "Don't be such a boy." We agree, Astrid. We agree.

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