The music of dance-pop diva Beca is a dreamy, magical concoction: Combine a dash of Kylie Minogue, a sprinkling of Little Boots and a dollop of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and you've got some seriously spaced-out cosmic disco on your hands.

On "Future Foreigner," the indie pop darling delivers a spellbinding elixir of '80s-infused synth-pop that bubbles with ethereal synths, wispy vocals and metallic beats that throb like the floorboards of a discotheque at 1 a.m. But as she sings, breathily, "Will you drop your mask so that I can see / What is underneath a reflection of me," there are teardrops to be found on this dance floor, too.

On the hazy, wistful track, Beca poses a soul-crushing possibility: Could the person you hold closest today become nothing but a stranger tomorrow?

"'Future Foreigner' questions a painful breakup and grapples with the fear of running into an ex on the street," Beca shares of the bewitching disco-pop ballad. "Will we see a stranger instead of the person we loved? Even though the past is shattered, the song still searches for the connection once shared."

It's a sad thought, true—but thankfully we have something to dance the heartbreak away to.

Listen below:

Produced by Blake Robin of LUXXURY, "Future Foreigner" is off Beca's forthcoming EP, Precious Gold.

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