In New Zealand, a photo of a beer-drinking bride has sparked a serious amount of controversy, with detractors arguing that it’s unbecoming. Hey, why can’t a woman in a wedding dress enjoy a brew? We don’t get it.

Katrina Hayman, who works as a pig midwife (that’s a real thing apparently), was photographed by the Taranaki Daily News during a Bride of the Year competition while knocking back a tallboy. The image immediately caused a furor online, with one critic actually describing the photo as “disgusting.”

A poll conducted by the website later asked whether beer is an appropriate choice of beverage for a bride. As of this writing, 62.6% of respondents said yes, 13.5% said it was “tacky” and 23.9 percent said beer is fine, but only out of “an elegant glass.”

As for Hayman, the farm worker said she has difficulty understanding the hubbub. “I mean that is just the type of person I am,” she said. “I don’t like to portray myself as someone I am not. A lot of females drink beer and it’s just I felt more comfortable having a beer than having a wine.”

What do you think? Is the photo unflattering or not a big deal?

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