By now everyone's seen at least one hilarious singing-and-dancing creation from the gang at JibJab. They’re the ones who make short, animated clips set to music onto which you can insert your own head, or the heads of your friends and loved ones, and then watch as your animated mouth opens and closes in time with the beat.

It’s funny and disturbing at the same time. In this day and age, one of the highest compliments you can pay a person is to JibJab them for all eternity.

The JibJab team is especially famous for their holiday cartoons, which have become a new standard this time of year. What could be more fun and less weird than watching the disembodied heads of your friends, family, children, pets and colleagues dance and sing to classic Christmas songs, break-dance beats, disco and Hanukkah raps?

In some cases, a lot of things. Here are 10 of our favorites that have been shared by people who could not resist the urge to JibJab ... but maybe should have.

Guys From Work as Mariachis

And you thought the work Christmas party was the most uncomfortable time of year. Now the most uncomfortable time of year is when you run into one of your vendors after he’s had this done to him in the annual holiday greeting sent out to all the clients. Nothing like having to make a deal with someone after you’ve seen him dance around and shake his maracas as a festive mariachi.

Break-Dancing Elf Dogs

What if your dogs turned into elves? What if they had great rhythm and could break-dance? What if the eggnog had way too much spiced rum in it? This is better than having visions of sugarplums dancing in your head. Visions of large elf dogs dancing on your computer—can’t go wrong with that.

Elf Barn Dance

It stands to reason that the staff of a small hockey team would want to appear as elves at a holiday barn dance. We’re sure. On some planet. Somewhere. Here, it seems odd and disconcerting, but we’re more than happy to have a laugh at their expense.

Family Christmas Carol

Some families have a tradition of featuring their children in their holiday greeting. That used to mean just dressing everyone in matching ugly sweaters and attempting to get a decent photo by the fireplace and sending a ridiculously long letter about all the not-interesting things the kids are up to. Now it means cutting out creepy, cheesy pics of your kids and using them to act out a classic tale. The ecstatic, unmotivated smiles really sell this one.

Rare Disco Ferret Elves

Of course, if your family is small and consists partially of pets, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own JibJab fun. The best thing you can do is provide your loved ones with many frightening holiday nightmares by embedding the image of not one, but three disco-dancing ferret elves into their collective subconscious. This shouldn’t ruin Christmas at all. Next year just send them a fruitcake.

Jingle Bell Elves

These staff members at Titus Vineyards seem like they’ve been sampling their wares a little too heavily when trying to get into the Christmas spirit. They’ve donned their gay apparel and now appear to be Christmas elves singing ‘Jingle Bells.’ Maybe we’re the ones who’ve had too much wine.

Happy Hanukkah Rap

JibJab holiday greetings are for all people, everywhere. Well, all people who have photos of themselves, a DSL line and very little self-respect. But, it doesn’t matter what kind of holiday they celebrate or what kind of music they like. For example, it doesn’t take a rabbi or Adam Sandler’s mom to enjoy the awkwardness that is a Hanukkah rap.

Shooting Your Eye Out

Without a doubt, ‘A Christmas Story’ is one of the best things about the holiday season. Also, without a doubt, the way to really sell your JibJab creation is by having the perfect expressions in your photos. Chris Pirillo proves that he really is the gnome in your locker. And that everyone should make this JibJab their holiday greeting forever, so long as they don’t shoot their eyes out.

Singing Elf Dog

Another qualifier in the Very Talented Pets category here. You may have break-dancing elf dogs and scary disco ferret elves, but this family has a singing elf dog and that is way better and far merrier. And he scats. These JibJabbers may have created the cutest thing ever.

Hip-Hop Elf Babies

We take that back. This is the cutest thing ever. The elf babies should be creepy, but they’re not. They’re adorable. With oddly coordinated, adult bodies that don’t match their sweet, chubby baby faces, these hip-hop elf babies have just out-cuted all other JibJabbers for Christmas. And unlike you at last year’s office party, they danced all around without drooling or spitting up once. You go, Santa Babies.

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