Billy Bob Thornton, who's promoting the upcoming Bad Santa 2, is the subject of a profile in the November 2016 issue of GQIn it, he discusses the film, his various phobias — swimming, antique furniture, Kimodo dragons — and his music. He reveals himself to be something of a Brony, retelling a lesson he took from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, a show he watches with his daughter ("Fluttershy acts like she wants to become a member, you know? And so they give her the cutie-mark equal-sign stamp and everything. And then she notices something, like it rains, and it washes off Starlight Glimmer's equal sign, and she's got her own cutie mark.'"). He also discussed his three-year marriage to Angelina Jolie, his fifth wife for which his body still bears two tribute tattoos.

As the profile's author writes, of their torrid romance and headline-making wedding, "You always remember the first person who gnawed on your face while some poor red-carpet reporter tried to get you to say something semi-freaky and so you said, 'We f---ed in the car on the way here.' (Youngsters: YouTube it)." But Billy-Bob tells GQ the non-physical aspect for the couple, who had a 20-year age difference, was harder.

"I never felt good enough for her," Thornton said. Jolie began to ramp up her activism during her marriage to Thornton, whom she met on the set of Pushing Tin, adopted son Maddox and was meeting politicians while the actor preferred to stay home. But the couple would be invited to high-profile events, Thornton said,"and I'm real uncomfortable around rich and important people.” Nor did he want to extend the effort: "I like who I am."

Thornton says there's no bad (vial of) blood between the two, however; they even catch up every few months. He married his sixth wife, Connie, after 12 years of dating, while Angelina and third husband Brad Pitt recently settled on a temporary custody agreement in their divorce.

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