Blac Chyna — who will soon be inducted into the Kardashian family following her forthcoming wedding to member Rob — nabbed Paper magazine’s September 2016 cover. And like her soon-to-be sister-in-law Kim Kardashian, she posed naked for the 1,000 Beautiful People issue.

The image is admittedly biblical in nature, with Chyna’s long blonde hair cascading in waves around her body as she cradles her baby bump with both hands. While she didn’t concede to a full interview with Paper (explaining, "I don't do interviews, and I haven't spoken publicly in years”), she recognizes her upcoming reality show with fiance Rob will open her up to scrutiny.

"I’m excited about fans getting to know me as a person and not as a thing or a face,” Chyna told Paper about the show. “I’m funny and smart, and they’ll see me as a mom with several businesses just keeping everything together. I’m looking forward to showing my relationship with Rob, our day to day, our struggles and what we’re dealing with, positive and negative.”

"I hope when people think about Blac Chyna," she continued, "they think of a mogul and entrepreneur, a mother and a badass bitch."

And in case there were any doubts as to whether the Kardashian family had fully embraced Blac Chyna into its folds, fear not: Leading lady Kim was reportedly on set during Chyna's shoot to offer her total support, according to E! News.

"Kim actually came by the shoot, which was really nice to see her giving encouragement to Chyna and talking to her," said Abby Schreiber, the managing editor of Paper. "They spent a lot of time sort of having a private moment so I wasn't privy to what they talked about but my impression was she came to kind of give her support and encouragement and advice I would imagine."

Head over to Paper to see Blac Chyna's full profile.

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