Blackpink‘s agency YG Entertainment is addressing controversy over a scene in the group's new music video for "Lovesick Girls".

For a few short seconds, member Jennie is featured in the video portraying a nurse treating herself as a patient while she raps the lyrics, “No doctor could help when I'm lovesick”.

Some critics, including the Korean Health and Medical Worker’s Union, claim that Jennie’s costume-y nurse outfit in the music video contributes to stereotypes of nurses. They expressed discomfort over the outfit — a tight-fitting, short dress with red high heels — that Jennie wears in the scene, claiming it sexualizes the nurse image.

“First, we express our deep respect to the nurses who are always staying by the patients’ sides and fighting in the front lines. ‘Lovesick Girls’ is a song that raises the question of why we continue to find love when we are hurt by it while also conveying a hopeful message,” YG wrote in a statement about the controversy. “In the ‘Lovesick Girls’ music video, the scene with the nurse and the patient reflects the lyrics, ‘No doctor could help when I’m lovesick.’ There was no specific intention to it, but we are concerned about the distorted views.”

“We ask that you think of music videos as an independent genre of art, and we would appreciate it if you could understand that each scene was made with no other intention than to express the music,” they continued. “The production team is currently deliberating and discussing whether the scene should be edited out.”

The music video premiered on YouTube on October 1 and already has over 115 million views.

Many Blinks do not agree with the negative claims and have taken to social media to defend the video.

Blackpink's documentary Blackpink: Light Up The Sky premieres on Netflix October 14.

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