The title of Bon Jovi's Burning Bridges could have been construed, at least at first, to reference the band's sudden split with Richie Sambora. But then it turned out that their erstwhile guitarist has a songwriting credit on the album.

Instead, it seems the title might have something to do with a breakdown in the relationship with Bon Jovi's record company. The group has been a part of the Mercury Records family since 1982. Burning Bridges, which features older unreleased material, was issued today by Mercury as Bon Jovi's 13th studio album.

If the title track – which arrives as the final song on Burning Bridges – is any indication, there may never be another record with Mercury. At one point in the song, Jon Bon Jovi pointedly sings, "Here's the last song you can sell." Later, he adds, "After 30 years of loyalty, they let you dig your grave." Listen to it and judge for yourself on Spotify.

The frontman begins the song angrily spitting out "goodbye" in a series of languages, then returns to repeat them during the singalong chorus. Whether that means Bon Jovi will be saying "hello" to a new label or releasing songs independently (or even remain with Mercury) in the future is unclear. More music, however, is reportedly on the way. The group promises an album of new material next year.

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