The #GloryPromo is very much in full force, and Britney Spears is working it hard like it's her profession. (Because, well, it is.)

Mere minutes after the premiere of throbbing In The Zone era-ish throwback "Do You Wanna Come Over?", the latest instant grat track off of her forthcoming ninth studio album Glory, the Las Vegas sensation and Queen of Clumsiness opted to do two Glory tracks justice by whipping 'em out live for the very first time on stage at her re-re-remixed Piece Of Me residency at Planet Hollywood.

B-Girl added not just "Make Me," but tonight's newest track "Do You Wanna Come Over" to her show — and she's clearly having fun. And feeling it. Come Overney is on FI-YAH.

She also went ahead and brought up Colton Haynes to walk him on a leash as the "Freakshow" victim for the night, as one does.

He's still recovering.

T-minus two weeks until she hits the 2016 MTV VMAs stage.

Glory arrives on August 26. Watch below!

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