Well, we knew it probably would get the axe — and it did: the segment of the interview on tonight's episode (Oct 1.) of The Jonathan Ross Show, in which Britney Spears reportedly touched on her conservatorship while answering a question about the creative process behind her latest studio album, Glory, didn't make the version that aired tonight. (Add it the growing list of unseen mysteries in her catalog.)

On the plus side, what we did see was incredibly entertaining! From regaling the audience with a hilarious dating horror story involving a Lizard Man (thanks a LOT, Cade), to convincing us of her advanced cooking skills while preparing her favorite food (rice — it's literally rice, y'all), to praising "S&M" BFF Rihanna's pink VMAs lewk ("f--king dope") to embarrassing revelations in a brief game of Never Have I Ever (oops!...she tooted again), this was undoubtedly one of her best TV appearances in forever.

Also, watch for an incredible shut-down of Ross' incessant questions about her ideal man: "I'm not looking for anything. I'm fine with the way I am." ALL HAIL MISS INDEPENDENTNEY. Not looking for men! Except for the part where she goes into great detail about how she totally thirst-Instagrammed that random dude on a motorcycle.

Later on, a game of beer pong — dubbed Spears Pong — which called for The Holy Spearit to partake in a giant game of beer pong (dare to suck, B!) and commit to a series of truly trying tasks, including smooching stone-cold True Blood babe Alexander Skarsgård. Oddly, she did not go straight for tongue — perhaps because he is not made of rice. Still, I 'ship' them, as the teens say. Does he wanna come over? (JUST kidding — ALL HAIL MISS INDEPENDENTNEY.)

Also, she was forced to perform a helium-assisted rendition of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," resulting in her best live vocal performance of this era to date.

Watch all the segments, including her performance of "Make Me...," complete with a rather flashy jewel-covered ensemble.

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