Can we keep Britney Spears in London forever?

The Glory-ous Princess of Pop has seriously been making the rounds across the pond, from playing Spears Pong and smooching Alexander Skarsgård on The Jonathan Ross Show to seriously side-eying Rylan's dance moves on This Morning.

And she looks like she's (just begun) having her fun, yeah.

Today (Oct. 4), Brit made her UK daytime TV debut on Loose Women, during which she discussed Glory (it's like her baby, did you know?), her actual baybehs ("Mom's not that cool," according to Sean Preston) and her workout regimen (she exercises with 3-4 women at a time, when she's not cruising in steam rooms at 24 Hour Fitness). As a part-time little girl's dance class Teachnerney on the weekends, Britney also taught the loose ladies a quick dance step — 5, 6, 7, "boo!"

And while she keeps assuring she's Miss Independentney and isn't #looking at the moment, she's still seemingly thirsting over every London man that comes her way: "This morning, this guy came — my waiter, and I was like 'Oh my God, you're adorable!'"

Then came a rapid-fire round of questioning, including nail-biters like "Puppies or Kittens?" (puppies, duh), "'Baby' or 'Oops'?", "US or UK?" and "Snog, Marry Avoid — Justin Bieber, Madonna or Simon Cowell?" (Spoiler alert: Madge, don't book the Kabbalah Center for a marriage ceremony just yet.)

But perhaps the best part of all was her very first question upon sitting down at the table: "Are you guys really loose women?"

Never change, B.

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