Social media personality, Kelvin "Brother Nature" Pena, was caught on camera fighting a patron at a restaurant. In new surveillance footage shared by the Miami establishment, shows that the 21-year-old instigated the fight he initially claimed he wasn't at fault for.

Pena's first post about the altercation painted himself out to be the victim. "I know there’s a video out of me getting jumped, everyone in the pizza shop literally just watched, with their phones out, and did nothing," he tweeted. "Oh well."

Along with the new footage, the restaurant reported that Pena instigated the fight after he saw that the other patron was videotaping him arguing with restaurant personnel for not allowing him to eat at a table since the eatery was closing in fifteen minutes. After the patron refused to give Pena his phone, the fight broke out.

Pena claimed in his original tweet that nobody came to their aid when the surveillance video shows that an employee attempted to break up the men. Police were called, but both parties fled before they arrived.

The other person involved in the altercation, "D," gave an interview to the KEEMSTAR Drama YouTube channel about the incident. His report was the same as the restaurant's claim and footage.

Watch the interview with the patron and videos of the fight, below.

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