Don't get it twisted: Bruno Mars' brand of 24K Magic is all live, all the time.

The "Locked Out of Heaven" superstar, who is dropping his latest studio album 24K Magic tomorrow (Nov. 18), spoke out against lip-syncing allegations that surfaced on Twitter following his performance on X Factor UK in October in a new interview with NME.

First, the performance in question:

Second, Bruno's rebuttal in NME: “I was reading something about [me] miming. Which is… well, you can say anything you want about me or my music, or make any kind of joke you want, but that to me is like, well, I’m going to get extremely insulted...You have no idea how hard we rehearse. Just seeing that, it blew me away. Like, ‘What are they seeing? What do you mean!?’ Never! I’ve never lip-synced. I could have a 150-degree fever and I’ll still be up there, singing live. That’s our profession. That’s what we do.”

And finally, our collection of Bruno's best live vocals:

Enough said.

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