For those of you unaware, I am a very odd human being. I have no problem being this way. With that title comes some unusual dreams for the future, my "Bucket List" if you will. So I figured I'd share these with you:

1. A regular food dish named after me. I want to order the Quinn at a restaurant and have one of my favorite foods come out. #Goals

2. Crowd surfing. Yes, i'll need to lose an exuberant amount of weight for this one to occur, but I think crowd surfing at a concert would be awesome!

3. Be in a movie, whether it is as an extra, or the star. I want to just be seen in a movie so I can shout "THAT'S ME!!!"

4. Sit behind home plate at a baseball game. Wanted to since I was a kid, still hasn't changed.

5. Catch a foul ball or home run.

6. Play golf with a pro.

7. Bowl at perfect game.

8. Hit 100mph in my car.

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