Cue the “beer-flavored water” jokes.

KCRA reports that Chad Little of Vacaville, California had to resort to using cans of Bud Light he had in his refrigerator to fight a wildfire that was closing in on his home.

The family had lost their home five years earlier in an attic fire and it was still in the process of being rebuilt. Rather than surrender the home to an approaching wildfire, Little made the call to stay and protect it as his family was packing up.

He had all of his ducks in a row with plenty of hoses on his property, but what he didn’t anticipate was having his water suddenly cut off. He had one barrel of water on hand and tried using it to maintain the fire, but that didn’t work.

That’s when he decided to sacrifice the only liquid he had – a partial 36 pack of Bud Light (which begs the question: why the hell don’t we have 36 packs of beer around these parts???).

Anyway, Little was not only able to save his home with what his friends call “water beer”, he was also able to save a modular home he and his family had been staying in while the other house was being renovated.

Beer…is there anything it can’t do?

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