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Cardi B Debuts Massive New Back Tattoo

Cardi B just revealed her newly finished back tattoo... and it is massive. Reportedly, the cascading floral ink took took more than 60 hours to complete, in multiple cities over the course of a few months. See the new tat, below.

Two Thirds of Remote Workers Can’t Recall Last Time They Wore Pants

With millions of Americans working from home due to stay-at-home orders, many employees say they can't remember the last time they wore pants. A survey commissioned by Mattress Firm shows revealed 80% spend spend their 9-to-5 in their underwear, pajamas or comfy clothes. In fact, people have gotten so comfortable working from home at this point, that 70% much prefer working remotely to commuting every day. (via Study Finds)

Kylie Jenner Reacts to Unreleased 'Side Piece' Drake Lyrics

Rumors of a relationship between Drake and Kylie Jenner have been circulating for months ever since she and Travis Scott split up. Adding fuel to the fire, an unreleased Drake song, which was recently leaked online, refers to Jenner as a "side piece."

“Yeah, I’m a hater to society / Real s--t, Kylie Jenner is a side piece / Yeah, I got 20 motherf---ing Kylies," read the lyrics. But a source close to Jenner says that the reality star-turned-makeup-mogul is completely unbothered, has no hard feelings and just laughed it off when she heard. (via Cosmopolitan)

10 Year Old Gives the Gift of Art to 1,500 Shelter & Foster Kids

10-year-old Chelsea Phaire is giving back to 1,500 kids in foster care and homeless shelters during the COVID-19 shutdown through her own non-profit, Chelsea's Charity. She started the organization with her parents back in August 2019 as a means of donating art kits to at-risk children. This year for her birthday, she asked for art supplies instead of gifts and was able to donate hundreds of art kits to homeless shelters, women’s shelters and schools impacted by gun violence. (via Good News Network)

Celebrities Before their Tattoos

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