Carly Rae Jepsen is a treasure.

In the future, there will be statues erected in the middle of each town square, lovingly crafted in Carly's likeness, in front of which our children's children will scatter flowers, hold hands and gayly sing the songs of E•MO•TION as church bells, by then replaced with the saxophone intro of "Run Away With Me," blare out every hour on the hour.

Until then, while we all put in the final preparations to cryogenically freeze our bodies in order to live to see that day, we've got a brand new Slayly Rae Jepselegend video to enjoy, directed by 23-year-old Canadian photographer Petra Collins.

Carly's constantly cited Cyndi Lauper as a point of reference and inspiration in the making of her heavily '80s-inspired E•MO•TION, and the video for "Boy Problems" certainly screams "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with its goofy phone tag and general girl-on-girl revelry.

But there's a slight edge to Carly's "Problems" that makes it feel a bit darker, maybe even more cynical, than your typical glittery, glossy pop affair — and it's not just that Carly Rae JoanJettsen hair.

Like the deceptively squeaky-clean Scream Queens, there's some campy black humor involved (the Tavi Gevinson cameo certainly adds to the SQ aesthetic) and, if we're really reading beyond all the crumpled-up tissues and cell phones, there's also some light social critique sprinkled on top regarding our narcissistic, increasingly technology-dependent culture. ('Til death do we #selfie!)

Ultimately though, just as with Cyndi's video, it all comes back to the uplifting and empowering force that is the power of a solid group of good friends. That's kind of cheesy to say, but then, that's always been Carly's thing: honest, earnest E•MO•TION.

We're so lucky to have Carly...and also this GIF.

Carly Rae Jepsen Boy Problems

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