Chairlift is officially calling it quits.

The duo, which first debuted with their studio album Does You Inspire You in 2008, announced their breakup to fans with a note on Twitter.

"It's been an incredible ten years as a band, and it blows our minds to be able [to] say that every goal we had when we started recording in 2006 has been accomplished," the band writes.

"We wanted to let you know directly that Chairlift will be playing our final shows next spring, dates to come early next year. Patrick will be going on to produce records full-time, and Caroline to make music as a solo artist. The two of us are family at this point, and will undoubtedly turn up on each other's work in the future, but the time has come to take the next step towards where our passion is pulling us."

The duo recently collaborated with Beyoncé on her self-titled album's "No Angel" in 2013. They released their final studio album, Moth, at the beginning of 2016. Apart from Chairlift, Caroline Polachek most recently collaborated with PC Music's Danny L Harle on the track "Ashes of Love." She released her debut solo album, Arcadia, under her stage name Ramona Lisa in 2014.

See the full note to fans, and watch their video for "Crying In Public," below.

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