We ate like a king and queen this morning thanks to our fabulous friends from Whataburger coming through with some tasty new items featured on their menu. If you currenty have a craving for something and just can't figure out what it might be, might I suggest a new hatch green chile bacon burger or the new spicy chicken sandwich?

I tried both and with a mouthful of food, I happily give them two thumbs way up! Both were so tasty, the hatch green chile burger is exactly what you did not know you needed in your life! The hatch green chile and bacon combination is amazing. I have tried other spicy chicken sandwiches and this one is by far my favorite. FYI, don't forget you can ask for any burger to be a JR burger and be sure to download the Whataburger app to earn rewards, or even order your food to pick up curbside.


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