CL really is "The Baddest Female."

The K-pop star is in hot (digital) water after sharing a controversial photo of herself posing in a Japanese taxi cab while in Tokyo, a picture that was swiftly met with outrage by some fans on Instagram.

The photo, which has since been deleted from her account but can still be seen on, showed the singer's thigh-high boots pressed against the glass divider behind her taxi driver's head.

Many users took offense with CL's pose, slamming it as ill-mannered behavior in a country in which everyday culture is based on social etiquette. (And to be fair, Japanese taxi cabs are notoriously clean—the drivers all wear white gloves and the doors even open automatically.)

Thankfully for CL, much of the drama seems to have dissipated in the hours since she removed the original photo.

As one fan says in the comments of the new photo below: "Please, CL... She wanted to share pics with her fans! I hope you continue to update us your fans because we miss you so much."

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