With a solid week plus of fair weather and the official start to spring, it seems like we may be done with the icy winter conditions for this year (knock on wood). Just as it seems the sun may be out to stay for a while, I've discovered an app to help you get the most out of your time in the sun. I present you with nerdy app find Dminder.

The principal is simple: making sure you're getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D through your outdoor activities. Now, before you go writing off vitamins, here's a few reasons you should care about how much D you're getting. First and foremost, studies suggest that proper amounts of vitamin D are great for your heart, hair, and immune system. There's also new research that found people drinking vitamin D re-enforced orange juice saw better reductions in belly fat. The vitamin has also been linked to mood.

The app works in three key ways:

  • Helping you get a good estimation on your current Vitamin D level based on diet and lifestyle
  • Recording your D via a timer that considers your location, time of day, and amount of skin exposed. You can also manually enter food items if you like.
  • Enters your D intake onto the Apple health app or other programs to track overall health.

The app can even be set to send you push notifications to send you reminders to go outside at prime times for sunlight. Checkout the video below for a closer look at how it work. Dminder is available on iPhone and Android.