Don't believe everything you see online and it looks like the cops arrested this woman for faking a story.

If you're on any form of social media, you have seen these posts about seeing weird things on your car. Things like: DON'T GET IN YOUR CAR IF YOU SEE A ZIPTIE ON YOUR MIRROR. I need to stress that these things could be happening in other parts of the country, but saying that they're happening in your particular town when you have no proof is another story.

For instance, one that is trending right now online is a paper towel in your car door handle. We actually had a similar story on our website last week about a supposed napkin on a car door handle over in Houston. It went viral if you want to read it. What would happen if someone faked a similar story just to go viral online?

That's exactly what police in Clute, Texas had to deal with this week. A woman claimed she had a paper bag attached to her car door handle at a Kroger in the area. She said she called into police and police found a man with chloroform in his pocket in the area. He was arrested and basically this post was a warning to be on the lookout.

Of course people started sharing this like crazy. Oh my God, you're gonna get kidnapped if you see a paper bag on your car. Of course, people started doing some investigating to the local police departments and they had no idea what was going on. The Clute and Angleton Police Departments started doing some investigating and they had no arrests like that this week.

Both police departments released statements saying any arrest that this woman is claiming is 100% false. “This isn’t new,” Clute Police Chief James Fitch said."These things have been floating out there on the internet and everything for a couple to three years and every once in a while, somebody will read it somewhere and take it for the truth.”

Now since the woman used her own personal Facebook page to make the post, police were able to issue a warrant for her arrest for causing individuals being fearful of imminent serious bodily injury. She turned herself into police and since it was a misdemeanor her name has not been released according to the police department.

“What makes this one different than others is that our suspect made an actual claim that this happened to her and was reporting that this actually happened to her,” Fitch said. The arrested individual is currently being held on a $2,500 bond.

Hope those likes and shares online were all worth it lady.

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