He can't stop, he won't stop... sending nudes.

Colton Haynes has some lucky friends, because the actor just won't stop sending his pals nude photos of himself.

On Friday, the Teen Wolf star wrote in a Twitter post, "I can't tell u how many hilarious naked pictures I've sent of myself to my friends this wk..."

"They hate me so much but it's ok lol," he added.

Hate? We can't fathom it. Fans and famous friends alike couldn't shake the tantalizing image of a naked Haynes, and immediately began tweeting him with various versions of a "send n00dz" request, including The Amazing Race's Korey Kuhl.

So, what exactly do these photos look like? Hopefully, he's sending nudes that look more like this:

And less like this:

To be honest though, it's the gorgeous Colton Haynes—we'll take what we can get... even if it's a fake.

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