Video shows a comedian doing a sold-out show when a scary situation unfolded in front of the entire audience. Heather McDonald had just finished a joke, where she bragged about being vaccinated, when she fainted and slammed her head onto the stage.


Comedian Heather McDonald was doing a show in Tempe, Arizona. The audience seemed to be enjoying her act up until something happened that no one in the building expected.


McDonald had just delivered the punchline of a joke that involved her bragging about being vaccinated when she began to stumble off to the side.


Before anyone understood what was happening, McDonald fell back and slammed her head into the stage. The crowd laughed at first, but then gasped once everyone realized that the comedian was actually hurt.


McDonald told this story herself on a show called "Juicy Scoop" and she even pulled up  picture that showed the aftermath of the fall with her in a hospital bed. The comedian fractured her skull in the process.

Video of Heather McDonald Fainting After Bragging About Being Vaccinated

See the comedian @heathermcdonald and her post telling the whole story below.

I am certainly happy to see that McDonald is recovering and able to laugh at the scary situation. Check out how she was doing just a couple of days after the fall.

The key to being a comedian is, of course, having a sense of humor. After seeing McDonald tell her own story, she definitely has a great sense of humor. But, the other key to being a comedian is good timing and this faint could have definitely come at a better time. Hopefully McDonald doesn't have any more mishaps like this while on stage, as she seems to be doing a great job of turning the blunder into a bit of publicity for her career.

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