We live in West Texas.  Sometimes, it seems like we're just a million miles away from everything and everyone.  Sure, there is always Zoom and Teams. However, they are not all that realistic.  Except when your boss calls unexpectedly and then they see everything you didn't want them to.

For those who really want realistic, Google is about to turn you into a hologram. They are close to launching a whole new level of virtual meetings. Project Starline 3D video call booths allow you to chat with holographic versions of friends, family, or coworkers. These 3d booths make it seem that you are talking to someone, from anywhere in the world, right through a glass in front of you.

The detail is amazing.

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That's because on each end, the Starline unit has special lighting, multiple infrared, color texture and tracking cameras, speakers and mics and infrared projectors. Even though the 3D telepresence system requires equipment that costs more than $10,000, Google says this is the wave of the future.

According to the director of product management on this project, Andrew Nartker, in an interview with zdnet,

"Whether you're presenting to a colleague or just sitting down for a coffee chat, we want the Project Starline experience to feel natural, as if the person is sitting in the same room as you. More broadly, we are eager to enable workforces to feel energized and productive when collaborating from afar."


Photo: Google
Photo: Google

While this tech is expensive now, like most technological advancements of the last 20 years, prices will come down and the technology will miniaturize. Imagine the applications outside of business. For example, people in long distance relationships could have face-to-face conversations with their partner that are just like being in the same room from anywhere in the world.

Perhaps you can attend virtual parties in your own living room. Of course, this would find its way into adult entertainment.

Remember during Covid when everyone was trying to make themselves look better on Zoom calls? Someone will have to come up with a program to remove wrinkles, blemishes and extra pounds..

Ready or Not, here the future comes.


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