Here's the thing: Demi Lovato isn't sorry. (She's sorry about that lack of sorriness, though.) And you know what? Neither is...Jamie Foxx! Nor Wiz Khalifa! Nor...Paris Hilton, for that matter!

The video for Demi's latest single dedicated to the haters, "Sorry Not Sorry," has arrived today (Jul. 19), and it's got enough attitude to fill a whole house. Seriously: it's made up of footage from an actual Demi Lovato house party, complete with some wild action by the pool, make-out sessions galore and a real steamy shot of Demetria taking a bubble bath.

If she wants to make somebody mad with how good she's looking and how much fun she's having, she's definitely accomplished that much.

The video for "Sorry Not Sorry" was shot by Hannah Lux Davis, who also directed "Cool For The Summer" and Paris Hilton's own party rager, "Good Time."

Watch above.

The Evolution of Demi's Hair:

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