Benjamin Schmidt is a GI doctor practicing medicine in St. Louis, Mo. While he has encountered a lot of bizarre medical scenarios during his career, one, in particular, has him stumped to this day.

He recently discovered a dime lodged in a patient’s bottom during a routine follow-up colonoscopy.

The doctor was happy to share his “10 cents” with TikTok in a viral video that has garnered over 69,000 views and 800 comments.

In his video clip, Schmidt shares that his day began typically.

As a doctor specializing in “looking inside of people’s butts,” he performed a routine follow-up colonoscopy on a patient who had a history of colon cancer.

Everything looked good.

However, he did spot the reflection of something that appeared silver, which the doctor says “is not a common color in the human body.”

So, he stopped to investigate.

What he discovered was a healthy passage, but with a coin lodged inside of the patient’s cecum.

According to his video explanation, the cecum is “anatomically the first part of the colon that is farthest away from your butt.” It’s located approximately “five feet from the butthole” and “dozens of feet from the mouth.”

The doctor says he removed the silver object, sprayed it off with water and was shocked to see “FDR’s face staring back at me.”

Dr. Schmidt says that his patient woke up from anesthesia and told him that he “had no idea how it got up there.”

The 31-year-old medical professional did the only thing he could think to do: return the dime and send him on his way.

“This guy is made of money,” the doctor joked.

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