As great as Emarosa are at making us dance, they’re just as effective at pulling on our heartstrings. With their new single, “Get Back Up,” the post-hardcore-turned-pop quartet trades infectious hooks for something more sentimental, as the track is a dedication to frontman Bradley Walden’s mother.

Growing up as a “military brat,” Walden watched his single-mother juggle dead-end jobs and hardships after a divorce flipped life upside down. “She divorced when I was young, we were ripped from our lives and forced from our home. There was a time where we didn’t know where we’d go, living with family just to get back to our feet,” Walden shares.

When Walden’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, it only became another obstacle that made her that much stronger when she beat it. “The constant struggles always knocked us down but she was a resilient woman,” he adds.

Off their new album, Peach Club, “Get Back Up” bleeds vulnerability and honesty. It’s pop at heart, but layered underneath are tranquil guitar riffs and powerful percussion. It’s perfectly suited for the LP’s concept, which sees Emarosa shedding their skin to unveil a whole new sound.

The music video for “Get Back Up” is a full-blown fantasy adventure, depicting a young boy rescuing his mother in a school — but not before it has to turn into an escape mission, donning makeshift armor to fight the likes of an evil janitor and a sweaty boys’ gym class. Once mom joins the fight, the two prevail — a metaphor for family persevering when life tries to bring them down.

“If it wasn’t for watching someone get back up time and time again when life wouldn’t let up, I wouldn’t be the person I am now,” Walden says.

Watch the video, premiering exclusively on PopCrush just in time for Mother's Day, below:

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