UPDATE: Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry, the long-awaited followup to his 2012 album Channel Orange, might actually see a release via Apple Music this coming Friday (August 5), according to the New York Times.

Ocean reportedly has an exclusive deal with Apple Music, and the release will include “a major video and a printed publication called Boys Don’t Cry that will be distributed at Apple stores.”

The New York Times also reports the Apple Music exclusivity deal will last for two weeks before seeing a wide release.


Shortly after 3:30AM eastern time, those who live on constantly vigilant Frank Ocean album watch found a brand-new video streaming on his website. The video, titled "Endless," appears to show some sort of work area in a large, possibly warehouse-like space. The clip featured zero new album tracks, only the hiss of room tone, and according to the bug in the corner it's sponsored by Apple Music. A display underneath shows the current date and time.

Of the many cryptic updates Ocean has doled out, this one is the most elaborate, and it's causing people to lose their damn minds.

By 5:45AM, The Fader was reporting that it was NOT, in fact, a live stream, but a looped video by Francisco Soriano, who directed Ocean's "Lost" video off Channel Orange. This did nothing to stem speculation from those staying up to watch the action (or lack thereof).

And then, at 9 AM eastern, music began playing out of stacked speakers while a man — Frank, is that you?? — began...woodworking. WHAT IS HAPPENING? Watch with us to find out.

According to the previous hint on Ocean's official website, something called Boys Don't Cry, long-rumored to be the name of his forthcoming album, was "due" in July 2016. The graphic — a library due date card with Boys Don't Cry written on the bottom — features a series date stamps ranging from July 2015 through an ink-stained date one year later.

July has come and gone, but one day later, at least there's something new to raise/confound/test fan's hopes? Check out some of our favorite reactions below.