Have you ever wondered how 'Frozen' might have turned out if the movie was, instead, an 8-bit video game from the '80s?

That's what Cinefix set out to do, and as part of its 8-Bit Cinema series, the YouTube channel has taken Disney's hit animated feature from 2013, and turned it into something people might have seen on an original Nintendo system from the 1980s.

The three-minute video takes key plot elements from the animated feature and condenses the story into a sequential video, which makes the user feel like he or she is experiencing the story through a video game.

We see everything from the Queen coronation in the beginning, to Anna meeting Kristoff, to a simplified version of the climatic ending. We even see an 8-bit version of everyone's favorite snowman, Olaf!

Click on the video above to watch Cinefix's unique and short take on Disney's 'Frozen.'

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