The great resignation has been a cultural phenomenon of incredible proportions as millions of Americans have said goodbye to jobs that were not satisfying in favor of new employment.  Sometimes, its not even about the money.

Often, its about the lack of advancement or a toxic boss. Then there's an important new issue that has arisen in the aftermath of the pandemic.  It's called work-life balance. When people were home during the great quarantine, many realized that they've been working too hard and missing out on life.

In fact, 40% of workers in a July poll say they are considering quitting their jobs soon.

If you are one of those people H-E-B is planning a massive one day statewide hiring event from 10am until 3 on Tuesday, August 23rd.  The hiring fair is aimed at anyone looking for a full or part time position in the Texas store chain rated second best out of all grocery stores in America in recent polling.


Here's your chance for a face-to-face interview at all H-E-B, Central Market and Mi Tienda store anywhere in the state. In order to expedite the experience, potential candidates can go to to fill out an application.

Hourly roles such as Curbside, checkers, produce and deli representatives, artisan bakers, kitchen production, cooks, meat cutters, overnight stockers, store sanitation and more will be filled.

What will you find working at H -E-B to be like.  Glassdoor has named them one of the Best Places to Work. The majority of the over 8-thousand online reviews are incredibly positive.  Reviewers often say that "people really do matter" and that the company provides a "terrific overall work-life balance". There's that term again.

The service emphasis at H-E-B means it is often not an easy job.  Employee reviews often say that even though the work hard, there is a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  If you're one of the 40% of Americans who are seeking a new start, this might very well be the opportunity you've been waiting for.

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