Every Directioner's dream became one Directioner's reality when Harry Styles asked a lucky fan to run away with him. Sort of.

The Daily Mail reports that when Tash Gershfield, a One Direction superfan, got married, her husband, James, surprised her with a special video message from Harry himself! (Yeah, we'd be freaking out too.)

In the short clips, which James shared on his Instagram page, Harry appears to be devastated as he straight-faced tells Tash she can still leave her husband.

"Tash, you don't have to go through with this," the singer pleads. "It's not too late. Annulments are cheap these days."

At the end of the video, Harry promises to be waiting for her -- at least for the next three hours. And, despite his best efforts to remain serious, it's clear he's holding back a grin.

Even though Harry tried to woo James' wife, the newlywed gave the singer a huge shoutout on Twitter for making his wedding extra-special.

Check out Harry's hilarious message in the videos below!

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