When will your life begin? The moment Hasbro's new Tangled: The Series toys arrive this summer.

Fresh off the conclusion of Tangled: The Series' first season, Hasbro and Disney have revealed the details for the tie-in toy line starring my personal favorite Disney character, Pascal, and his flaxen-haired princess, Rapunzel.

And yeah, Eugene is there, too.

If you thought Rapunzel's adventures ended when the floating lanterns celebrated Rapunzel's reunion with her family, you've been missing out. After the movie, Rapunzel had several adventures, including an animated direct-to-TV film, Tangled: Before Ever After. In that movie, Rapunzel finds a mysterious stone which returns her short brown hair to the magical, growing blonde locks that made her infamous. Tangled: The Series takes place in that same post-Tangled timeline, showcasing the continuing misadventures of Rapunzel, her lady-in-waiting Cassandra, and Eugene.

The animated style is a bit of a departure from the feature film, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable to watch. In fact, the animation of the Disney Channel show follows more in line with what you'd see from a traditional storybook. The same is true of the new dolls that take a slightly different path than the existing Disney Princess toys offered by Hasbro.

All told, there are seven new toys hitting shelves this summer, with the only drawbacks being not all of them come with a Pascal, and there is not a Cassandra (yet).

Disney’s Tangled: The Series Musical Lights Rapunzel Doll ($24.99)

"Wind in my Hair" was one of the main songs from Before Ever After, and it became the theme to the actual series. This doll lets you sing along with Mandy Moore, who returned to voice Rapunzel for the show, with the track. While it's not quite the earworm "When Will My Life Begin?" was, it's still a catchy tune. And there's that cute little Pascal on her shoulder, so, bonus.


Disney’s Tangled: The Series Rapunzel Doll ($12.99)

The "standard" doll for the collection, this Rapunzel comes with a bendable style braid to play with, and comes with articulation to make her more of the action-centric hero she is on the show than some of her other Princess dolls.


Disney’s Tangled: The Series Spin ’N Style Doll ($19.99)

If one braid wasn't enough, the Spin 'N Style Rapunzel has two, so that's already twice the hair action. She's also got a number of hair accessories to customize her locks, including a bouquet of flowers, some paint brushes, and her little buddy Pascal.


Disney’s Tangled: The Series Style Collection Doll ($24.99)

For those of you less concerned about Rapunzel's hair that what she's wearing around the palace, you've got the Style Collection version to keep you busy. With three different outfits, as well as some different hairdos, you can get the Rapunzel you want with little effort.


Disney’s Tangled: The Series Royal Proposal 2-Pack ($24.99)

Though Eugene may have already had his eyes on tying the knot with Rapunzel, you can recreate that magic moment when she said "I do" with this two-pack. Notice the lack of Pascal with a disapproving look. Though to be fair, even Rapunzel's face is a bit more humorously quizzical than I bet Eugene was expecting.


Disney's Tangled: The Series Rapunzel and Royal Horse Maximus 2-Pack ($29.99)

Maximus gets his moment in the sun with this set, that comes with some adventure gear, but strangely no frying pan. This isn't the first time Maximus has gotten a figure from Hasbro, but that wasn't packed with a Rapunzel to guide through the wilderness.


Disney’s Tangled: The Series Swinging Locks Castle Playset ($39.99)

Rapunzel's Castle Playset may look like it has a lot in common with the tower she was stuck in back in the original film, but this is more of a parapet than a lone building in the woods. Plus, her last home didn't have a hair swing or slide for her to use.


The first season of Tangled: The Series is currently available on demand, and will have a second season early next year.

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