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So this is a bit of a personal story. I just moved to town and signed a lease for a place here in San Angelo. Well the other day, I was trying to install my washing machine and dryer. I had no problems installing my dryer, but the washer was a different story.

The faucet hook ups for the hot and cold water already had hoses attached. I tried those hoses, but found out they were old and leaky. Luckily I have my own hoses for my washing machine.

I had no problem getting the cold water faucet connected to my washing machine. Then I got to the hot water hose and found it was stuck to the valve. If it tried to remove the hose, the valve would move and would like come off with the hose stuck to the faucet.

So I called the maintenance guy the landlord gave me. He said the problem with the valve was my responsibility and I would have to fix or replace it. Here's a picture. The stuck hose has quite a crusty connection.

Chris Austin, Townsquare Media
Chris Austin, Townsquare Media

Has anyone dealt with a landlord who would not fix something that was faulty before you moved into the unit? I told the maintenance guy I didn't feel this is my fault, this was due to the person who was in the unit before me. He wasn't buying it.

So I feel now I need two things and am looking for advice. Does anybody know if I have a legal recourse. And two, even though ERCOT is recommending we not wash our clothes right now, I'm going to eventually have to use my washing machine. So I'm going to need a plumber.

So does anyone have any advice for me and does anyone know where I can find a good (and preferably cheap) plumber in San Angelo? Please help! Let me know on Facebook or chat with us on our station app.

Thanks for any help y'all!

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