Becoming a successful actor is a long shot at best, and parlaying that career into high-grossing box office stats seems like an impossible dream. But there are plenty of young movie stars who have done just that, establishing themselves as next-level echelons in the film industry, and making their mark long before they hit their mid-life years.

In order to determine just who all these Hollywood heavy hitters are and how they line up in the box office, Stacker used January 2020 data from The Numbers to rank the top 30 actors under 30 according to their total domestic box office earnings, in order from lowest to highest. Voice actors were considered, as well, and in addition to the domestic box office, each actor's overall average box office earnings are listed.

The majority of these top actors started their careers as children, working in theater, commercials, and television, before earning breakout roles in films and film franchises that would go on to be worldwide hits.

In addition to bringing box office gold to their films, these young artists have been nominated for and won multiple awards for their roles, and some have segued into producing and directing, proving that despite their youth, they are serious players in the industry, with skill sets that go beyond stage and screen. Many are in their early to mid-20s now, while some have barely hit their teen years, but all have done incredibly well with their careers over the course of what is a rather short amount of time.

Highest-Grossing Actors Under 30

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