What do Jesus Christ and Honda have in common? Probably not much, admittedly, but they do share at least one thing: The approved use of a classic cut from the Pete Townshend songbook.

Townshend famously summed up the meaning of the lyrics to his Top 10 solo hit ‘Let My Love Open the Door’ by simply saying, “Jesus sings” — pointing out that the person exhorting the listener to open the door to their heart is really the Almighty making a plea for faith. But the bouncy synths and addictive melody have taken on a life of their own, and ‘Door’ has been used repeatedly as a plain old-fashioned love song over the years, whether in movies (‘Look Who’s Talking,’ ‘Grosse Pointe Blank,’ ‘Dan in Real Life’) or TV series (‘Doctors’).

And now it’s found a new home in Honda’s ‘Family Comedy’ commercial, filmed as part of the car maker’s summer clearance ad campaign. While some fans might take umbrage at the song’s original purity of intent being repurposed to shill for economic family vehicles, there’s no denying that getting a great deal on a car can feel like seeing the face of God.

Hear Pete Townshend’s ‘Let My Love Open the Door’ in the Honda Summer Clearance Commercial

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