It took the pop culture equivalent of an Act Of Congress to get Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza back on the menu. Even Doja Cat, who has a notoriously cool demeaner got her lack of undies in an uproar agitating for the return of the Mexican Pizza.

Why on earth would they remove this popular menu item in the first place?  Mexican Pizza had been a popular menu item at Taco Bell since 1985. When it was introduced, it was called "Pizzazz Pizza"  Back in October 2020 at the height of Covid quarantines and lockdowns, Taco Bell said they were phasing out a handful of menu items as part of a "streamlining" process.  I actually bought that excuse, since labor issues were deeply affecting fast food restaurants at the peak of the pandemic.  It made sense that they needed to concentrate on fewer items with the limited supply of labor that was available.

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Photo: Taco Bell
Photo: Taco Bell

But the Mexican Pizza did not go quietly.  The protests and social media agitation began almost immediately. A petition reached a 200,000 signature goal. People were mad, but it took nearly two years for the Mexican Pizza to return to the menu.  The new version was slightly different from the last version phased out in 2020.

Even so, people went crazy over the return of The Mexican Pizza.  Fast forward to today and after two weeks, the Mexican Pizza is in danger again.  This time it is due to shortages. Taco Bell says demand for this menu item is now seven times higher than when it was last on the menu.  As a result, shortages in some places are already forcing the Mexican Pizza off the menu at some Taco Bell Restaurant.

That's the Bad News.  The Good News, after calling each and every San Angelo location of Taco Bell, we are happy to report that shortages that have affected other parts of the country are NOT affecting San Angelo. All locations report that the Mexican Pizza is still available and there's no talk of any immediate shortages.  Don't delay though.  If you have been waiting to get your hands on a Mexican Pizza, grab one quickly.  We have been betrayed before and you never know when rolling supply shortages could cause issues here.  We hear Doja Cat is standing by.

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