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IHOP Hostess Accidentally Turned Adam Sandler Away

An IHOP hostess went viral on TikTok after sharing security footage of her inadvertently turning away Adam Sandler due to a long wait for food. To be fair, he was wearing a mask!

Can Household Chores Give You a Bigger Brain?

Researchers in Toronto found that adults who perform household chores have bigger brains, which is an indicator of good cognitive health. Apparently, chores push your mind to plan and organize, which promotes new neural connections. (via Study Finds)

Plastic Surgeon Talks Zac Efron's 'New Face'

Popular TikTok plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn shared what he believes is behind Zac Efron's recent facial transformation. Dr. Youn said he believes the difference is simply a result of dental surgery as opposed to plastic surgery. (via Just Jared)

Selena Gomez Launches Mental Health Initiative With Rare Beauty

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Selena Gomez is introducing a new advocacy campaign with her cosmetics brand, Rare Beauty. The new advocacy campaign, the Rare Impact Fund, is centered around bringing more mental health services and financial aid to schools. (via People)

YouTube's First-Ever Beauty Festival

YouTube is hosting their first virtual beauty event on May 14. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, Pharrell Williams and Millie Bobby Brown, as well as influencers including Emma Chamberlain, Manny MUA and Patrick Star, are expected to attend the The YouTube Beauty Festival. (via People)

Sarah Paulson Faces Criticism for Wearing Fat Prosthetics for Linda Tripp Role

Sarah Paulson was seen wearing padding and fat prosthetics on the set of American Crime Story: Impeachment while in character for her role as Linda Tripp. Fans are, of course, frustrated with yet another Hollywood casting decision to not choose a plus-sized actor for the role of a plus-sized character. (via TMZ)

Hundreds of Birds Fly Over California Home 

Hundreds of birds flew around a Southern California family's home. The family says that they counted at least 800 birds and that there was lots of bird poop! (via TMZ)

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